Digsby Partners with MySpace and OneRiot

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dotSyntax, the company that produces Digsby announced a new partnership with Myspace and OneRiot. This news comes one day after Facebook announced its acquisition of FriendFeed.

Digsby is a social media and email organizational platform that allows users to manage IM, e-mail accounts and social media profiles on one platform. “Digsby simplifies brand management,” says Erick Davidson, director of public relations, dotSyntax.

The new partnership raises eyebrows on two levels. One, the partnership is with MySpace who has been trying to compete with Facebook while not experiencing the same website visitor numbers that Facebook is experiencing. According to Compete.com, Facebook had more than 122 million unique visitors in July whereas MySpace had 59 million. 

The second interesting aspect to all of this is the connection this has with the Facebook/FriendFeed acquisition. Website Magazine covered the Facebook/FriendFeed acquisition earlier this week. When asked if the new partnership had anything to do with the Facebook news from the previous day, Davidson said it was a coincidence. “We worked with MySpace’s open-id API and they were impressed with how we implemented MySpace in Digsby,” he says.

It’s important to note that Digsby has different features and functionality than what’s available with FriendFeed. Digsby is a desktop social networking management program offering control of IM profiles, e-mails and social networking including Facebook. Users can update all these different programs by simply logging into Digsby eliminating the need to log into various e-mail accounts, IM chats, or social networks. However, FriendFeed is known for its searching abilities.

According to the release from dotSyntax, “The new Digsby MyspaceID integration delivers a complete MySpace activity stream, status updates, and photo albums right to the desktop along with real-time notifications, and is available to MySpace’s global community.”

It’s too early to determine the effect the new partnership will have on MySpace and if it even touches the competition between MySpace and Facebook. But nevertheless, this announcement is interesting to those following the changes and transitions in the social networking landscape.

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08-13-2009 4:50 PM

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