Twitter Users Click Ads, Become Brand Advocates

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Finding users who will not only interact with your brand but actually help you promote it is one of the hardest jobs of any Internet marketer. Who are these users and where do you find them?

According to a new study from media research firm Interpret, LLC, the answer just might lie with Twitter.

The survey was conducted in August, 2009, and consisted of more than 9,200 Internet users. Of those respondents who use Twitter, 24 percent said they reviewed or rated products online - double the rate of those who use other social networks but not Twitter. Twitter users also clicked on more ads or sponsored links more (20 percent vs. 9 percent) and were more likely to visit company profiles (20 percent vs. 11 percent).

Higher clicks on ads or sponsored links are great and can be partly explained because, on Twitter, people click links; it's what the whole shrunken URL thing is all about - conditioning people to click and explore. But the real value here is deep brand engagement. Nearly a quarter of these survey respondents who use Twitter have left product reviews online. This may be due, in part, to the fact that Twitter users are likely early adopter types - more apt to voicing their opinions online. But does it really matter why? Out of the millions of Twitter users out there, 24 percent is a massive number of people ready, willing and able to review your products or services.

Now add the 20 percent of those users who visit company profiles - another large number of individuals expressing interest in learning more about your company.

Of course, there is a catch. Twitter - without question - is bloated with other businesses and PR companies who are all doing the same thing as you. So keep that in mind.

Even so, this data should act as a reminder that Twitter can be an excellent place to find brand advocates and solicit feedback about your products and services. It can also serve as a tremendous sounding board - so keep your eyes and ears peeled for other information about your brand, even the negative stuff.

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LateaseR 10-01-2009 10:04 AM

Twitter is one of those marketing tools that you really have to test, test and test again.  You won't get it on the first try, and if you do, it may be a fluke or an impulsive buyer.  There is money in Twitter.  The key is finding the happy medium that will take you there.

NicolasCasanova 10-05-2009 12:17 PM

Everybody talks about lot of success on Twitter but I'd like to see case studies outside internet marketers selling internet marketing programs. Still haven't met someone who considers Twitter a good source of sales or even traffic appart from internet media marketers selling internet marketing programs.

In my case, there has been people with more than 10,000 followers retweeting the link to my website and received 0 visits from Twitter that day. The best results I've gotten is with people with less than 50 followers!! They have more targetted followers.

The thing I've found with Twitter is many people only follow to collect and not to read what these twitterers have to say.

Something I experience is not being able to read all the tweets from people I follow. I feel it just as the "bulletin" feature on myspace, the chances for someone with a lot of friends reading your stuff while being on their computers are very low.

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