New Volusion Features Focus on Customer Satisfaction

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E-commerce software provider Volusion announced a broad and very interesting set of new features related to merchandising, social media, user interface, administration and its actual shopping cart today. The platform enhancements include:

- Soft add-to-cart: allows customers to add products to their cart without leaving the product details page.
- Gift Registry: merchants can now offer a global gift registry to their customers.
- AddThis™ integration: enables online businesses to share products across hundreds of social media networks and news sources – including Facebook, Twitter, Kaboodle, and StumbleUpon.
- Interactive administrative interface: provides more intuitive navigation menus, tabs and tables, as well as easier order processing.
- Advanced search capabilities: provides corrections or suggestions on consumer search terms, automatic spell check functionality, and allows grouping of additional terms by keywords. Also, search results can now be refined by brand and price.
- My Rewards: a loyalty program that empowers merchants to reward their customers. Merchants can choose to offer points for products or points for cash. Merchants can also control the amount and timing of the point payout.

“As the competitive ecommerce software industry continues to evolve, vendors must remain nimble enough to keep up with market trends like social shopping and advanced search engine optimization,” said Michael Fauscette, IDC’s group vice president, Software Business Solutions. “With its latest product release, Volusion is addressing these issues that are critical to its merchant customer base. Established ecommerce SaaS vendors like Volusion are in a good position as online businesses look for simple, affordable options in the current economic climate.”


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Global Hemp 01-11-2010 1:10 PM

The Global Hemp Store launched on the Yahoo! Store platform in 2003. However, Yahoo! did very little to add new functionality to its store. Therefore, we searched high and low for an ecommerce platform that would not only meet, but exceed the growing needs of Global Hemp. Such a platform was found with Volusion shopping cart.

Volusion is far better than Yahoo! Store and is actually much less expensive in terms of there being zero revenue sharing as is the case with Yahoo! Store and since most of all the features we want are already included with Volusion, we do not need to learn how to hack Yahoo! Store's proprietary RTML template language.

Yahoo! Store business model seems to be one which adds no new functionality and thereby runs from webmaster referrals who in-turn charge $100-1,000 for each cookie-cutter function that Volusion includes for free. For example, the ability to show the number of items and running total in your shopping cart.

With the new year, we have to run a report on Illinois Sales Tax and Volusion makes this a simple task. Want a simple Google Base export of your products? Volusion has that, Yahoo! Store does not.

We have seen a few things that Volusion needs to add and have made Feature Requests. With Volusion, we feel that these will be implemented as Volusion does ecommerce and nothing else. With Yahoo! Store, you receive canned responses such as "Well, we can't duplicate that here..." or "that's not possible" (e.g., separate sales tax rates per product).

We had our own custom HTML pages with "Store Tags" and found that at times our pages were broken. Simple HTML calls for things like headers, footers, navigation were handled by Server Side Includes (SSI) and Yahoo! Store broke the ability for this to work properly after a few years of there being no problems. After asking Yahoo! why our includes were no longer working, they simply stated that SSI were not a supported technology.

This is a big reason why one can not rely on hacking a website together for functionality that Yahoo! does not support themselves. So, you could pay a webmaster $100-1,000 for each and every piece of functionality that is otherwise included for free with Volusion ... only to later find that the hack that was made to allow for that functionality in Yahoo! Store is no longer working -- and Yahoo! says "too bad" as your hack is not supported.

In short -- Yahoo! absorbs lots of money from Yahoo! Stores, but none of this money is invested back into improving their shopping cart. So, why would you want to invest in a Yahoo! Store if Yahoo! themselves do not? Volusion is the way to go!

Global Hemp made the switch from Yahoo! Store to Volusion nearly a year ago and there is no looking back!

PeterN 07-23-2013 5:58 PM

As someone who works in saving bandwidth and money for Volusion customers, I'm surprised Volusion hasn't increased their bandwidth for customers. Well, not actually, as I understand charging for bandwidth is a big part of their profits. I think these features will help to attract and keep customer using Volusion as their e-commerce platform and differentiate themselves from other competitive shopping carts.

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