5 Billion Reasons to use Bit.ly

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According to the official bit.ly blog, the link-shortening service is nearing 5 billion clicks per month. Helping matters is that Twitter replaced TinyURL with bit.ly as the default link shortener.

Why does this matter to Web professionals? Trust and familiarity. Short links are great but also mysterious. Think of it this way -- you're more likely to get a click on a link that consumers are used to seeing. It's like the difference between displaying a link to a .com and a .net, .org, .info or any of the other "unfamiliar" extensions.

Sign up with a professional bit.ly account and you can customize small links even more, such as including your brand or website name in the link. You will also receive deeper analytics.

And if there's a hotter trend on the Web than any other, it's video. Bit.ly has that covered as well, with bitly.tv -- a page showing the millions of Web videos being shared with bit.ly links. So I guess that's 5,000,000,001 reasons to use bit.ly.

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MaureenA 06-04-2010 1:04 PM

Good post, Mike. How does it compare to other URL shorteners like ow.ly?

LateaseR 06-04-2010 2:19 PM

Hi MaureenA: with bit.ly, you still get the page view credit.  With ow.ly you do not get the page view credit.  I don't know if that matters to you or not.  Bit.ly, for my purposes is a way better URL shortener for that reason.

Mike Phillips 06-04-2010 2:28 PM

Good point, Latease.

And good to hear from you, Maureen!

DinicaQ 06-08-2010 10:44 AM

What does that mean, you get the page view credit? I'm dense. I'm not seeing the advantage over tinyurl.

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