Moosejaw Joins Google for Local Availability

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This year, 46% of retail sales will be influenced by the web – but more than 90% of total retail transactions will occur in-store, from small neighborhood boutiques to national chains according to eMarketer's Mobile Marketing from In-Store study of June 2010. 

How will retailers ease the transition from online to offline? Data.

Moosejaw, the multi-channel retailer of outdoor gear and apparel, announced that it will be part of the new Google Local Availability feature. The offering enables participating retailers to upload inventory feeds from all their retail locations, along with their online availability. Google will then offer and profile options that are both online and in store fronts that are in close proximity to customer. AdWords advertisers can also use local availability data to supplement their product-based ads.

“Google Local Availability should really drive sales, not just traffic, as this program is designed to bring in buyers that know the product that’s in stock at a price they like.” Said Eoin Comerford, SVP of Marketing and Technology.

The data enhanced listing will be available through Google Product Search, shopping results on, and through Mobile Product Search and Google Shopper for Android. 


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PrestonW 11-25-2010 11:08 AM

This is a trend we never wanted to see. For years people had lived, slept and reaped the rewards of getting their products on the web. Hundreds of billions have been spent to have websites built, products added and Seo experts involved. I have made a small fortune off the web and spent it all, only to watch the bottom fall out of the net for the largest of companies.

Now google sees a trend in finding that product locally, why? Because internet trust is gone and people value two in the hand more than one in the bush.

Where did we turn the corner? I get 1000 or so emails a day and after weeding through nigeria free money, loans from europe and things like diplomas, rolex watch offers, pharmaceuticals and just about any other deal that seems too good to be true, I am left with about 20 legit business emails. So here we are with 980 people per day trying to rip me off, what am I supposed to think? That there is much honesty left on the net. I still have hope but most do not.

AutoRepairWebsiteGuy 11-26-2010 1:34 AM

I feel your pain Preston. But maybe your unhappiness is due more to the recent poor economy than consumer fear to buy online? I think if you compared online sales to bricks & mortar store sales you would see they both are hurting.

Another reason for the bottom dropping out of your Internet fortunes may be outsourcing and the sales of Internet services being sold online by people in other countries who can do the work at a dramatically lower price... now there is a growth area enabled by e-commerce!

Online rip off artists are no different than pick pockets and everyday thieves on the street. It is just that people are more accustomed to them. Sure it is taking time for people to become comfortable with dishonesty coming from a different source, but reluctant online shoppers are a shrinking minority.

There is no doubt Google is an opportunist. But I don't think they believe they can make, or even want to see, Internet commerce fail. Far from it! I believe they have identified an opportunity to help people who want to shop for goods they need to touch before buying. Maybe you could change your focus and provide services for companies such as automotive repair websites whose services can't be realistically bought online. Google's Local Availability would be happy to direct shoppers to those web sites and keep you busy.

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