PageRank Update the Most Important Ever?

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After nearly six months of waiting, word is out that Google has just pushed out new PageRank values.

This is the first update since January 2011 and the first since the now infamous Panda update clawed through a long list of sites. While many have questioned the value of PageRank in the past (some even very recently), the update might just provide site owners/webmasters/SEO’s an indication of just how Google currently perceives their site’s authority and standing.

Because of the rapidly evolving search landscape, WM believes this might just be one of the most important (meaningful) PR updates in a very long time. It is also interesting to note that the recent PageRank update closely follows Google’s release of a new Google Toolbar a few weeks ago.

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PatH 06-27-2011 8:49 PM

can't wait to read this.

RichS 06-28-2011 1:59 PM

Just go hit on the new ranking dropped from 4 to 3, any indication of why?

Thanks, Rich

Atlanta Real Estate 07-01-2011 3:12 PM

My PRs went up a lot, across the board.

Main page went 2 to 4.

About 100 pages of PR1 went to PR2 and some random pages with PR0 and PR1 went to PR3!

Guess I'm doing something right.

MichaelF 07-04-2011 8:44 PM

WHAT?!! This is great. My pagerank went up to 2. Maybe the lower ranks are now easier to achieve. Or, maybe I too am doing something right! I have been updating my site consistently. Thanks Google.

Ansel Taft 07-05-2011 12:56 PM

All my sites benefited from the new PageRank. My main site went from a 2 to a 4. Yippee!


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