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It's been almost two months since the launch of Google+, and reports vary as to how much praise we should be heaping onto Larry Page and the teams behind the new social networking service.

On the positive side, by attracting over 25 million users in just over a month, Plus has earned the title as the fastest-growing website ever. Detractors, however, claim that the site's popularity has already peaked, making its lifespan as a significant tool for Web users limited at best.

Additional opinions have been fueled by a new study from Bime Analytics that reported that 83 percent of Google+ users are inactive, citing figures from an online directory that collected the data from "a voluntary sample of around 10 million Google+ users."

The Bime study describes an "active" Google+ user as someone who has posted publicly on G+ at least one time. However, there is a high margin of error for this particular set of data as it does not take into account those who may use their profiles to post privately on the site, nor those who may choose to comment on others' posts without making any of their own.

That said, the study revealed some interesting data about the earliest users of Google+, such as the fact that most are students and nearly three-quarters of them are male. But keep in mind that Google+ has yet to truly open its doors to Web businesses, which is when we can begin to learn what kind of value the service really has for marketers.

Below is the infographic from Bime's study:
























































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RomanZ 08-26-2011 7:55 AM

I am actually using it on our www.rtek2000.com web site (home page and several important pages with products). What is interesting that when I pointed my browser to rtek2000.com (without www), I saw a different number for Google+ clicks. Anyone is ready to explain why?

PAY-PER-RESULTS SEO 08-28-2011 1:58 AM

"83 percent of Google+ users are inactive"

Is everyone trying to jump on the bandwagon, but not really interested in participating?

MichaelG 08-29-2011 11:19 AM

Yeah, that's how it seems. I'm guilty of that myself, as I signed up for an account almost a month ago, but the lack of people I know and sort of overwhelming appearance of it all sort of discouraged me. I don't even have a profile picture up a the moment.

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