Social Video Yields 30 Percent Additional Media Value

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A new study provides evidence that social video programs consistently deliver “earned media” results.

In the study, social video platform Jun Group defines earned media as a series of actions that users initiate after watching a social video. These post-view actions include Facebook page visits, brand page visits, store locator usage, coupon and recipe downloads, tweets, email shares, replays and clicks to watch more videos.

The study placed a monetary value on each action based on industry data. A visit to a brand’s Facebook page, for instance, is valued at $1 in the study, which is on the low end of pricing for cost-per-click advertising.

Once the values were assigned, Jun Group analyzed 7.9 million social video views for brands across a number of vertical categories such as consumer packaged goods, health and beauty, sports, technology and luxury goods. Videos ranged in length from 15 seconds to 3 minutes, and users opted-in to see them in exchange for virtual goods or currency.

All of the earned media activity measured by the study was generated after users received their virtual rewards.

“Earned media is no longer a viral video fantasy,” says Mitchell Reichgut, founder and CEO of Jun Group. “It is now a viable paid-media strategy that consistently delivers measurable results for everyday brands.”

According to the study, the average social video campaign delivered 30.1 percent of additional media value above-and-beyond the media spend. In other words, clients that spent $100,000 with Jun Group in 2011 received over $130,000 of value on average.

Facebook page visits were by far the most popular earned media action, representing 62 percent of all post-view activity. Brand-specific actions such as store locator usage, brand page visits, etc., were the next most popular actions, accounting for 15 percent of the post-view activity. Surprisingly, tweets were the least popular action, representing approximately one percent of the post-view activity.

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FeruzK 02-03-2012 8:46 AM

Counter-Strike 1.6

Julian Deverell 05-09-2012 11:50 PM

No one can deny the usefulness of social videos, but it hasn't really been proven how beneficial they really are. It is hard to measure the actual after actions of watching a video until now. Facebook page visits as expected was the most popular earned media action because it probably took the least clicks to get to the clients website. What surprised me was that Tweeter actions were the least. I wonder why.

Julian Deverell 05-22-2012 3:46 AM

One can't really measure the popularity or monetary success of a business based on how much revenue they can generate via viral video presentations - unless the only way to access these products is by viewing the entire video; but that would also be a good way to lose a significant amount of business as most people in this day and age don't have the patience to sit through it all. Social media sites that grant end-users access to the pages / sites that have grabbed their interest, with the least amount of clicks, used in tandem with video (and other forms) of product advertisement, guarantees the kind of promotion that attracts the largest amount of followers.

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