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Bing seems to have taken a page out of the Google personalization playbook (or at least deepened its relationship with Facebook) by releasing LinkedPages this week.

The feature, which nicely complements Bing's previous effort last year of incorporating Facebook friends into Bing, enables users to directly link the websites related to them so they appear in the search results when a search for that user is conducted at

In a time when first impressions are everything, features like this are powerful mechanisms in personal digital profile management. Users simply need to visit, sign in with their Facebook ID and grant Bing permission to post to Facebook. From there, just search for yourself and start linking associated pages.

For example, you could link your own website, organizations you belong to, activities you’re involved with, or even sites you like. This gives those searching for you something to find when the results pages appear. For those concerned with privacy, Bing does provide a way for users to remove a link.

While the new feature falls short of what Google’s Search Plus Your World offers, this tempered approach might actually be more in line with what users expect from the search engine’s personalization efforts.

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1 comment

Louie Conceicao | 360persona 02-23-2012 6:56 PM

Although this is an interesting development from Bing I found it a little useless. I logged in using my Facebook account and was able to link pages like my Linkedin, Twitter, Personal website etc which was ok but when logged out and searching for my name it just returned the results without the linked pages reference.

I then tried to link a page to a friend to see what they would see on their facebook page but even though I clicked on their name under the "Link Pages To Friends" the SERPs seamed to simply to a search in the Bing database and didn't return the name I clicked on as the first result. Being that my friend has a pretty common name I made it as far as page 10 and gave up :).

If anyone has had luck with linked pages to their friends does it have to be approved on their end? If not this could get crazy.

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