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Everybody and their ousted Brazilian co-founders are talking about the Facebook IPO today. So, when the editors at Website Magazine held a closed-door brainstorming session about the day’s content, we were unanimously in favor of one thing and one thing only: Anything but Facebook.

Then, in accordance with the house rules, we did the exact opposite of what had just been agreed upon. Instead, we pored through close to 100 pages of search results on WebsiteMagazine.com, totaling nearly 1,000 posts related to the world’s largest (and richest) social network. We selected 15 of our favorites, keeping in mind that it is our duty to inform our readers more than it is to entertain you.

Hopefully, the results are a fan-friendly combination of both information and entertainment:

10 Facebook Optimization Tips for Merchants
It’s been a little more than a year since Facebook first introduced the now ubiquitous Like button, and a significant update three months ago has given users the ability to add comments and increased the button’s visibility for the benefit of merchants, marketers and brands. Read more …

500 Million Ways to Make Money from Facebook
With Facebook recently exceeding half a billion users, businesses of all types are realizing they have a big opportunity to monetize their efforts on the world’s largest social network. Read more …

Be Like Mark: Facebook IPO Takeaways
Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, Facebook announced its epic $100 billion IPO this week. Read more …

Master List of Facebook Commerce Platforms
Utilizing Facebook’s massive audience to help grow an e-commerce business through social networking takes little more than common sense and hard work. However, to take full advantage of the world’s largest social network as an actual selling platform requires a little more know-how than elbow grease. Read more …

Facebook is the New Google
Much of the discussion throughout the Web industry this week has revolved around Thursday’s announcement of Google Instant, the revolutionary new feature that has many business owners wondering about the future of search engine marketing in particular and Internet advertising as a whole. Read more …

Best of 2011 - Facebook Brand Pages
As 2011 fades away, it is time to reflect on some of the year’s biggest trends, one being social media. Although it was the birth year of Google+, Facebook still remains the king of social networks and social media marketing. Read more …

Facebook Timeline for Performance Marketing
A major announcement today from Facebook is going to have significant impact on how marketers utilize the Web's largest social network. Read more …

5 Reasons the New-Look Facebook Could Sink Twitter
Facebook is launching a new look, and the main focus is on real-time feeds and status updates on every user’s home page – including businesses. Sound familiar? It should, because that’s been the very model of success for Twitter. Read more …

Facebook Fails with Social Shopping
Facebook is missing the mark on social shopping, perhaps the biggest money-making venture in the social era of the Web. Read more …

Could Facebook be the Daily Deal Killer?
The Web’s largest social network is taking a jab at the Daily Deals industry with its newest launch of Facebook Offers, which is a tool for engaging with and driving new customers to businesses. Read more …

Long Live the Facebook Post
According to Facebook exposure ranking tool EdgeRank Checker, the life of a Facebook post begins when it is posted live on the social network, and it ends when the growth in engagement is less than 10 percent between hourly snapshots. Read more …

Social Media Tips from the Republican Party
There is finally something that the Democrats and Republicans can agree on – social media is an essential marketing strategy. Read more …

Claiming Your Facebook Place
Facebook has become an important channel for marketers – on the Web and off. The social media destination’s relatively new Facebook Places offering provides businesses an additional opportunity to track the people who visit their stores, offices or venues. Read more …

Granny Gets a Facebook Page
Social media use has grown dramatically across all age groups, but older users have been adopting networking tools particularly fast. New research released today by Pew Internet indicates that social networking use among Internet users age 50 and older nearly doubled in the past year – from 22 percent in April 2009 to 42 percent in May 2010. Read more ...

Facebook Posting Strategies
When is the best day to post on Facebook? How about the best time of day? Social media management company Vitrue released a report that reveals some interesting Facebook publishing strategies and practices based on data evaluated from the fans managed through the company’s SRM platform. Read more …


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