12 Effective Corporate Blog Designs

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In the age of likes, retweets and shares, content marketing has suddenly become the best way to spread the word about your brand to bring in new customers and rack up conversions.

However, since social media has its limitations, in terms of both branding and the type of content that companies can offer, many businesses have taken to blogging to provide insightful and valuable information to their customers, while also producing likeable and sharable content that can benefit their SEO efforts.

Look, plenty has already been written about how blogs can improve a brand’s content marketing campaigns or increase leads, but we’re here to be a little more superficial than that. While content is undoubtedly and absolutely the most important aspect of a valuable, successful blog, it’s not the only thing that matters. After all, we’ve all heard about the effect that a good (or bad) first impression can have on new consumers. That’s why all of that great content on your blog should look nice, as well.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, we’ve compiled this list of 12 of the most effective corporate blog designs on the Web. Each of them takes a different approach; some are design-heavy and visually striking (e.g. Whole Foods, Southwest), while others take a simpler, less bold approach that is more in line with what the brand offers (e.g. LinkedIn, Bigelow Tea).

Which designs are your favorites? Let us know in the comments section, or share some other great corporate blogs that you know about!

Bigelow Tea Blog

The Official LinkedIn Blog

7Gen Blog by Seventh Generation

eBay inc. Ink

Disney Parks Blog

Whole Story by Whole Foods

The Cleanest Line by Patagonia

Nuts About Southwest

The Dropbox Blog

All Songs Considered by NPR


Ice Cream Journal by Turkey Hill Dairy

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David 03-14-2013 3:47 PM

Most of these are actually pretty horrendous. If they are trying to look old and outdated, well they were very effective at that. Some of them look like very aged, free WordPress templates from the 2.x years.

KevinW 03-14-2013 3:54 PM

Enjoyed the article. With so much attention being paid to SEO and social media it is good to see blogs that use good typography and art. Content is still king but making it attractive is very much appreciated.

RobS 03-14-2013 4:13 PM

I agree DavidP. I'm a designer and most of these are pretty bad. You can find free Wordpress templates that look better than these. The subject matter of the article is good, but the examples are pretty bad. I would post some other examples, but I really don't have time to research it at the moment. Isn't that what the author is supposed to do?

Southwest and Whole Foods are okay, and Disney is Disney... but the image doesn't even fit into eBay's layout correctly. NPR has got some nice responsiveness to it but design is blah.

MarlinM 03-15-2013 9:56 AM

Since I'm a web apps developer and not a designer, I'm all about content & information. So, for me, comments that amount to "Your list blows" aren't useful.  There simply isn't much information there.

How about some counter examples?  If you don't like a particular design, how about some specific reasons why?  

How about thoughtful, useful, informative comments?

JamesM 03-15-2013 11:55 AM

Agreed, MarlinM.  Content is king and the delivery mechanism, while important, should never dominate the viewers eye...  too much = distraction.  Although I am a designer, I always prefer the subtle approach when it comes to a client's design, allowing their information to dominate.  As you suggested, criticism without useful input helps nobody here.

KarlaL 03-15-2013 7:47 PM

Speaking of information, please explain what is the criteria for "effective" and why are these twelve singled out?

Chris 03-16-2013 3:03 AM

I see more comments posted per article on some of the blogs above than I've seen on a ton of sites that claim to get 10 million visitors per day..

Web Design Firm 03-16-2013 5:09 AM

I agree with DavidP except for the Disney Parks Blog. It is nicely done.

jrhmobile 03-16-2013 1:13 PM

To the folks at Web Design Firm:

Really? My personal tastes lead far away from there. I'd rank the Disney layout far toward the bottom of this group than I would the very top.

And I think that DavidP's comments, as the author offers in his comments, are far from insightful. He's certainly entitled to his opinion, but a lot of what he considers "old and outdated" here I take as clean, simple and content-focused. He could justify his derogatory comments if he offered examples of what he thought was better. Then we could judge his design acumen accordingly.

I'd like to offer that the purpose -- and design -- of a blog is far different than the typical marketing website. By definition, the copy in a (we)blog should be the focus, with any illustration/design highlighting the blog message rather than design itself. Blogs serve different missions than websites, and it's not a crime to design them differently for exactly that reason.

FWIW, I personally like the Bigelow Tea and NPR Music blogs. Though I wouldn't presume to say that my preferences define the perfect design for a blog.

Look 03-17-2013 10:39 AM

Thanks for informative post. Fist impressive is so important..therefore, with good design, and make good first impression, your blog will be successful.

I-valueS 07-02-2013 10:11 AM

I believe that good design is for a blog differential loyalty to some readers and also further increase the permanence time on the site, which decreases the rate of rejection.

TabeaS 01-23-2014 5:40 AM

I have to agree - there are way better blog designs in the web. For example I like that one: http://delucks.com. But It's a german site, so don't be confused.

Slow Video 03-02-2015 9:39 PM

I prefer the second design, it's need, tidy and simple. I don't like to complicate my viewers with too much imagery.

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