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Today, the Web content management system (CMS) DotNetNuke (DNN) announced the release of a new social software solution to help website owners optimize customer engagement and loyalty through the use of online communities, thus combining both content and community management in a single, easy-to-use solution.

The conspicuously named DNN Social product provides businesses with the ability to create and then manage social communities on their websites with the greatest of ease. In turn, the end users get a one-stop destination for consuming content, exchanging ideas and interacting with other members of the community.

Businesses that implement DNN Social can benefit from the ability to more effectively control the customer conversation than they would on a third-party social network like Facebook or Twitter, because now it will take place on a corporate website. Plus, introducing a thriving user community into a website can reduce support costs, drive product innovation and increase sales and brand awareness.

“Online communities represent a golden opportunity for you to deepen engagement with your prospects and customers in a leveraged, cost-effective way,” said Kim Celestre, the senior analyst serving technology marketing professionals at Forrester Research.

DNN Social comes with a number of features that will help enhance digital marketing, customer support, product development and e-commerce, including gamification, data analytics (along with a user-friendly dashboard), crowd-sourcing ideation and a “Q&A” customer service environment that allows users to submit, search for and answer questions.


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Jason Stone, Engage Software 03-25-2013 2:31 PM

It's not mentioned above, but what may be of particular interest to people researching Enterprise 2.0 solutions is the licensing structure of DNN Social. Unlike platforms like Jive, Chatter, Yammer, Telligent and Lithium, which are licensed per seat, DNN Social is a per instance license. If your community is large enough to warrant its own online site, odds are this pricing is going to prove attractive.

Deck wallpaper 03-19-2015 8:13 AM

DotNetNuke, sometimes known to as .NetNuke and DNN, is certainly an free platform for content management systems. The internet platform in the application is proprietary, and might be accustomed to create commercial and company websites, extranets, intranets, e-posting sites and custom programs. Most likely probably the most generally used database using this platform is Microsoft SQL Server, but you may even run DNN websites using ASP.Internet.

Beverly Diamonds Ripoff Report 06-15-2015 5:22 AM

The whole web is actually shaping itself to meet the customer’s requirement like always. And this time they have actually taken it to the next level. This will allow the entrepreneurs to have a better exposure. And that is a big achievement.

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