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Last week, the .co domain namespace surpassed 1.5 million domain names.

On the whole, the domain name industry has considered .CO’s progress rather significant and ultimately a success, particularly as its pricing is far higher than its .com counterpart.

That has led some to suggest that .CO may be “juicing” its numbers. In a post at Domain Name Wire last week, domain name broker Rob Sequin suggested that “some registrars will hold pending deletes indefinitely so they are technically still “registered” by the registrant but never drop.” The 1.5 million domain number was not verified on the company blog, although .CO did publish some detailed statistics on .CO for the 2012 year (worth a look) which verify its rather impressive growth over the year.

There’s even more going on for .CO Internet, however – and it could be some good news for the registry’s future.

.CO also recently announced the launch of Asian IDNs. Chinese, Japanese and Korean will be supported at the formally announced April 15th launch. The registry has already begin offering .CO domains names in other languages including Icelandic, Danish, and Finnish, among others.

The registry will not be conducting a formal trademark sunrise, land rush or grandfathering period for the three Asian IDN languages.

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Web Design Firm 04-04-2013 10:30 AM

In my opinion Dot CO will not have staying power. I don't see it maintaining current numbers.

Lori Anne Wardi 04-10-2013 1:09 AM

Hey Peter, I can confirm that 1.5 million is the official number of domain names under registration from the .CO Registry. This number is one that is  verified daily by our accredited registrar partners through the .CO zone file.

Just to clear the record, neither our accredited registrars, nor the .CO Registry, holds pending deletes indefinitely.  To the contrary, our domain names follow a standard deletion cycle that is fairly customary in the industry.  Once a domain expires it goes into “Suspension” for up to 45 days or until the Registrar actually sends us an explicit Delete or Renew command.  If no command is sent the domain gets Auto-renewed and charged to the Registrar, which very rarely happens.  If the Registrar sent a Delete command, then the domain goes into Pending Delete for 20 days (15 of which are Restorable and 5 non-restorable).

Rest assured, if we were to keep Pending Deletes indefinitely -- our number of domains under management would probably be double our 1.5 million!  This said, it would be just plain silly for us to do so, and we do not.

You can see more on the .CO Expiration lifecycle here:

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out and ask!

Lori Anne Wardi, on behalf of .CO Internet

Pete Prestipino 04-10-2013 7:58 AM

Thanks for the detailed information Lori - most appreciated!

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