Weather-Based Email Triggers

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Does the weather affect how much you sell on a given day? Well of course it does - your customers wouldn't be human if that weren't the case!

When it rains, sleets, snows, hails, or is exceedingly hot, you can count on buyers staying in the dry and temperative moderated spaces of their offices and homes. Thanks to technology however, slow sales periods as a result of weather issues, can - at least in part - be mitigated thanks to an interesting new technology from Email Aptitude.

The email strategy and technology firm's EA Rainmaker technology, built for e-commerce retailers, enables marketers to create email triggers that will automatically deploy emails to customers in areas where a pre-defined weather condition/event is going to take place. A campaign can be set to trigger an email based on an immediate weather change, or set to “forecast” mode, in which the marketer can indicate the cadence of deployment and how far out to look at a local forecast. Only customers living in a specific city where the determined campaign logic is set to occur will receive the email.

“From rain to snow to flurries to thunderstorms and actual temperature fluctuations – an email manager can now trigger and merchandise emails in advance that are tailored for an extremely targeted user experience,” said Kimberly Snyder, Director of Strategy, Email Aptitude.

The EA Rainmaker feature is one of many provided by Email Aptitude. The solution provide also offers page and category abandonment auitomation through its Archetype IQ  feature, a light-box email capture trigered by real-time mouse gesture and velocity dubbed BounceExchange, a gender prediction feature, coupon-code appending, and even some competitive intelligence tools. 


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SamvelE 04-24-2013 10:41 AM


essay on time 04-20-2015 5:18 PM

I think its a great idea to set campaign based on weather of your customers. I have certain doubts about this strategy, how it will be ensured that person receiving email has the same weather as we have determined, like what if the customer is not in the city? Overall, its a good idea and I hope it will open new horizons of email marketing.

alzheimers care facilities 06-18-2015 6:45 AM

I have never heard of this technology in the internet. Weather based email triggers are now being used by a several company. and I was confused about what it was actually used for. Now after reading your article it became very familiar.

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