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With content marketing as big as it currently is, many marketers are looking at how to effectively repurpose their content within email as well as use the channel to drive more clicks to their work.

In fact, according to Yesmail's 2016 Channel Report, 84 percent of retailers have adopted social sharing tools, which allow them to embed links or visuals in an email that encourage subscribers to share branded content with their own social networks. However, over a third of those retailers are not integrating this technology with major social media channels like Facebook and Twitter - missing out on more clicks (and possibly conversions). Likewise, over two-thirds of brands are not integrating email with their mobile app even though 22 percent of them have one - failing to capitalize on all engagement channels.

While encouraging users to share content with their peers across touchpoints is an effective way to increase a piece of content's reach, there are other strategies that can be used to ensure brands are creating content that will return results, such as lead generation. While many companies are privy to this - Content Marketing Institute's "2016 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends - North America" survey indicated that e-newsletters top the list of content offers B2B marketers ask audiences to subscribe to (87 percent) - 22 percent of brands do not implement welcome campaigns to engage new subscribers at all and 43 percent do not use reactivation campaigns to re-engage lapsed or inactive subscribers, according to Yesmail's data.

This is a problem because, as Yesmail states, "From initial interaction to sustained customer relationships, brands are not using the right types of email campaigns at each step of the sales cycle to convert subscribers into buyers and, ultimately, brand advocates."

When launching or optimizing a content marketing initiative this year, marketers should pay attention to email's role in turning readers into buyers and engaging them over the long term.

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RaleighS 01-20-2016 1:00 AM

Thanks for sharing these useful information! Hope that you will continue doing nice post like this. This is one of the best posts I found so far. The contents are very good and very informative.

AcemaryM 01-20-2016 1:49 AM

Are email signups under-appreciated or simply useless most of the time?

Why are we crowing over a few percentage points of conversion "success?" Most email campaigns are dreadful, with 10% open rates and lower click through rates.

Perhaps that's not a strategy you should employ on your site. Maybe going for that following is better. I don't think most people like emails and I get the impression that many companies get their signups through trickery (raffles) or "worthless" freebies (eBooks and guides).

How does that benefit the user? How does it benefit you?  

Dubai 01-20-2016 2:59 AM

As the cost of having reputed mail servers is increasing the expectation for the ROI is increasing.

Showbox 02-14-2016 2:13 AM

ovoline often customers do not attach much importance to the texts that are placed on their resources. They do not track the conversion of texts, not trying to test and modify. The lack of quality content makes users leave the site. In the end, you lose a potential customer.

Speaking of "content", we mean not only the texts but also tables, illustrations, photographs, graphics. However, the greatest difficulty the customer calls prepare text content. This is due to the fact that despite the rapid development of the media, most people still use the Internet to obtain text information.

Jumeirah 03-06-2016 2:00 AM

Email marketing is so far the most effective and cost effective channel (digital) to drive engagement and generate leads.

Phone Detective 03-28-2016 2:49 AM

i think subject of the email campaign is equally important.

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