Gmail's Newest Update & Its Impact on Email Marketing [A Q&A with Yesmail]

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Retailers spent much of the holiday season optimizing and testing email campaigns to stand out in crowded inboxes. Following the busy shopping months, Gmail has provided its users a much-needed update that should bode well for marketers and the like.

Not only does the update include more streamlined search results for users, but also an easier way to track information like flight info, membership numbers and more - all to the positive effect for brands. For more insights about the Gmail update, Website Magazine caught up with Brad van der Woerd, director of intelligence products at Yesmail

1. What updates is Gmail making to its inbox?

Gmail updated its search feature so that users can more easily search for emails in their inboxes. The new feature will offer users “top results” by relevance. In situations when consumers are searching for specific information, the inbox will display that at the top, rather than forcing consumers to look through specific emails. For example, if a consumer is looking for a code to redeem a 20 percent off coupon from Bed, Bath & Beyond they can type in “Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon” and rather than sifting through emails, the coupon will display at the top of the inbox results.

2. Does improved search functionality help brands? If so, how?

This updated search functionality helps brands because it allows consumers to more efficiently search for brand emails. If a consumer is in a store and needs to access a coupon in their inbox, this new feature allows them to find it in a more timely matter. It gives consumers the ability to access promotions from specific brands or details such as airline ticket information without the common issues they might run into while searching.

3. How does this update help brands stay relevant in crowded inboxes?

It goes without saying that consumers receive an abundance of brand and promotional emails. When they’re checking their email on-the-go, it’s much less likely that they’ll catch every email they’re interested in seeing. The search functionality helps consumers when they’re actively searching for specific brands or promotions. They might use it when checking their inbox for a promotion, confirmation number or coupon, but now it’s harder for brands to get lost during that search as results are brought up specifically by relevance. With the improved search feature, consumers are offered more relevant results to their searches which in turn offers visibility for brand emails.

4. Overall, is this a positive or negative update for brands and why?

This is a positive update for brands because it provides an easier process for consumers to access brand emails. It allows an opportunity for consumers to more easily find the emails they’re looking for when they want to find them.

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ScottW 02-07-2016 12:56 PM

I am not so sure this is a big deal. Most email providers let users search within their box for certain subjects within your box. This seems to be the same thing.


ToriB 02-08-2016 12:52 PM

I agree with Scott. I'm missing the point of how this is new or relevant. Is there some type of code that should be placed within the email to assist with Gmail search?

PantheaG 02-11-2016 4:27 AM

I use Yahoo mail and I don't know why exactly but it seems that the searching service of my emails doesn't work anymore. Before when I typed a word  in the text of the email or if I want to to find emails from specific people, it was easily done but perhaps because I have right now many emails in my mail box which I need to keep for reference, I cannot find any emails through searching and I need to find it by going through all emails. It's frustrating!

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