3 Quick Wins for Better Local SEO

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:: By Travis Bliffen, Stellar SEO ::

The battle between websites can get downright fierce in some industries while other verticals require very little to rank or outperform their online competition.

In either business scenario, there are three easy, but proven effective website changes companies can make to gain the upper hand on their less-optimized competition in the local search market.

1. GMB Site Mirroring

Many people set up Google My Business (GMB) listings, stuff a few keywords in the description and call it good. There are actually several things you can do to further optimize your GMB listing and how it works with your website. One of which is structure mirroring. When you set up your GMB listing you are given the option to select categories. Let’s say that you are a digital marketing company and you choose:

• Web Design

• Internet Marketing Service

• Marketing Agency

Your website should also contain pages specific to each of the categories you have selected. This shows Google that you are extremely relevant to the categories and that you are offering a quick and user-friendly layout that will get their search traffic to the right page as quickly as possible. Sure, this sounds extremely simple and the execution is, but how many of you are NOT doing this at the moment?

2. Optimizing Image Data

Adding alternate text and making file names descriptive has been discussed many times. What you don’t hear as often is geo-tagging photos. There are several options for tagging images but the Picasa desktop app is one of the most popular. Simply gather all of the photos you will be using for your website, Google My Business and citation building. Once you import them into the program of your choice enter the latitude and longitude of your exact location and then double check to make sure it is accurate. Now when you add these photos to sites your images will have an extra element of optimization, giving you the leg up on your competition.

3. Switching to a Secure Site

It is not often that Google comes out and tells us what to do to positively impact rankings. The fact that they have mentioned that secure sites will be given a ranking boost is a good indication that we should start moving that way. As most of you know, Google has long said they are on a mission to improve user experience and if you understand how SSL certificates work, you can clearly see why they would favor sites using them. That being said, if you are not sure how to set up the appropriate redirects so that you avoid losing links or creating duplicate content issues, you may do more harm than good. Although slightly dated, Moz put together a great resource for understanding how to navigate these tricky waters.

While the three steps above are not going to help you dominate search around the globe, they are all steps in the right direction. If you are looking for more ways to improve your optimization check out Brand Signals for Better SEO.

Over to You?

Have you implemented any of the three tips above? How did it impact your rankings?

Author Bio

Travis Bliffen is the founder of Stellar SEO, a Web design and marketing firm located in Marion, IL. Travis and his team are equipped to handle any size SEO project and have helped numerous businesses to date build a rock solid online presence. When you are ready for more leads and sales, it is time to get #stellarized. Connect on Facebook or Twitter @theseoproz

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Camila 03-29-2016 2:06 PM

Also with Google My Business listings, when you setup your location, you can amplify your reach by selecting the "I serve customers at their location" option and adding nearby cities or more specific locations.

Vincent Tobiaz 03-29-2016 2:36 PM

#2 is a juicy one, very overlooked by most.

Phil Madrigal 03-29-2016 3:03 PM

Great article ill look into this today

Alan S 03-29-2016 4:24 PM

Outdated article -  Google has abandoned Picasa platform.  Regurgitating content for rankings and selling subscription should not take presendent over factual reporting or updating.  Cancel my subscription :)

Kirk Musick, MS 03-29-2016 5:58 PM

Travis, I read your posts every time I get the email and see you as an author...  I always share your content!  ha.  Much thanks for doing to homework for us!  

Fitness Apps 03-30-2016 12:58 AM

SEO is the most important to site develop.There is only one way to really make sure Google won’t find your new site. SEO can be the best way to ensure that potential customers can find you.

du an Ngoai Giao Doan 03-30-2016 2:29 AM

very overlooked by most.

game of thrones 03-30-2016 7:25 AM

Yes , its a Outdated article

Best Movie Streaming Sites 2016 04-24-2016 5:58 AM

Very well written on content marketing and SEO. Initially i haven't think that image optimization was that much important factor. but after reading you article i realized it. Thanks for sharing.

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