jQuery Junkie; Grids, Scrolling, Backgrounds & More

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Interest in jQuery has waned somewhat since its peak in popularity back in 2012 (see the Google Trends chart immediately below), but there remains quite a lot that the library can still provide developers; if not in terms of functionality then certainly as inspiration. 

Let's take a look at few different jQuery plugins that caught our attention recently at Website Magazine: 

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Interest in "jQuery" via Google Trends


Gridder: A thumbnail grid with expanding previews (similar to what is seen on Google Images). 
Flexdatalist: An autocomplete plugin with support for datalists. 

Scroll Reveal: A JS library that reveals elements as they enter the viewport. 

Adaptive Backgrounds: Extract the dominant color of an image and apply it to the background of the parent element. 

Mark.js: A text highligher to mark search terms or custom regular expressions. 

MarginNotes: Take a jQuery selction and adds notes to the markgin with the text provided in HTML attributes.

Responsify.js: Makes images responsive and keep them in focus, designers can select a focus area on an image  which can then be used to calculate the image's container size, which makes it possible to appear correctly when the browser is resized and positioned according. 

SmoothState: Enhances page loads to provide control over page transitions.

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1 comment

10376765 11-22-2016 11:19 AM

I ditched jQuery Bloat for leaner & faster sites in favor of Pure JavaScript.  Compatibly is no longer an issue anymore across modern browsers and platforms.  Also there are many Micro-JavaScript Frameworks or HTML5 APIs that can fill in the blanks if needed.  *I became annoyed of the jQuery version CDN game w/ local fallback…  Most sites don’t use the latest jQ version like I was  8(

jQ is bloated w/ features we don’t need anymore.  Speeder site; happier mobile users.  How about using just what is needed?  Try it, Mikey - you might like it ;)

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