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Apple Announces iPad - Highs and Lows

Steve Jobs repeatedly talked about the iPad as a "third category of products" (between smartphones and computers) throughout his presentation of the new Apple tablet, iPad. He talked about netbooks, saying, "the problem...

StreamSend "Gets" Deliverability

How much do you know about analyzing an email for deliverability? If you're a client of email marketing software provider StreamSend and your answer was "not much" you'll certainly know more now. The company just...

Ooyala Turning Japanese

Video technology provider Ooyala launched its Japanese website today. While an announcement like that would not usually not warrant even a shrug, it does signify that video is going global at a rapid pace and both marketers and agencies...

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eBay Changes Fees, Angers Sellers

EBay has once again made a change to seller fees. On the one hand, they dropped insertion fees. On the other hand, they seem to have raised final valuation fees. And many sellers are upset - not only at increased fees but the manner...


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