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Blogging for Profit

:: By Mike Phillips :: Web professionals should be using blogs for one purpose — to make money. Blogs pave the road to profit by building brand awareness, driving traffic to websites, promoting products and services, and attracting...

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Choosing the Best Web Content Management System

:: By Paul Markun :: Consumers are demanding more than ever from their online experience. As evidenced by the overwhelming popularity of Apple’s iPhone and the more than 800 million app downloads to date, the user experience...

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Article Marketing Exposed: Professional How-To’s for Promoting with Articles

:: By Karon Thackston :: More than 100 years ago, a savvy public relations professional offered a guest article to a publisher — a guest article written by his client. The magazine accepted, and article marketing was born. Today...

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Getting Scene in a World of Clips

:: By Michelle Wicmandy :: Expect to see a large scale shift in the media industry as consumers continue to transition their media and information consumption habits from offline to online. According to ABI Research’s “Broadband...

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Searching Behind the Curtain: Diving Deeper into Multi-Channel Analytics

:: By Bill Leake :: Do you really know how your search marketing efforts directly impact your overall online initiatives and business goals? Are you confident that you are properly allocating your online marketing resources across...

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Using Disclosure to Avoid Deceptive Internet Advertising Claims

:: By David O. Klein : : The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and state attorneys general across the country have made it clear that businesses using advertisements considered to be misleading or deceptive will be subject to stiff penalties...

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Beauty in the Beast: The Paradox of Ugly, Successful Websites

: By Craig Stout : Powerful brands grow out of breakthrough ideas, sticking to a singular vision to achieve great success. And sometimes these brands excel despite a naïve design aesthetic. The authentic promise of a brand whose...

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Are You Socializing Your Business into Obscurity?

: By Mike Phillips : Sometimes networking as a Web professional can feel a lot like being a politician running for office. Plenty of travel is involved, even if it’s browser-based, and stump speeches need to be written and tweaked...

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Top 50 Web Rankings: Affiliate Networks

Now is the time to join a reputable, high-paying affiliate network. The longer the recession looms, the more individuals and businesses will be turning to online sources of revenue. And that means more opportunities for merchants and...

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