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High Performance Analytics

You can’t manage what you can’t measure and you certainly can’t monetize it either. Analytics is the single greatest opportunity you have as an Internet professional to determine how your website is performing. But...

WordPress Plugins to Rock the Party

Blogging has become a nearly universal endeavor — but not necessarily a profitable one. Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere (released in mid-October, 2009) revealed that a full 72 percent of the blogosphere are hobbyists...

The Age of Digital Coupons

Coupons are experiencing a renaissance. Shoppers are on the prowl for savings, and merchants are responding online. Electronic coupons have the capability to deliver significant savings to consumers when, where and in the format they...

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How To Pitch A Blogger

Any blogger will tell you that as soon as they made their first few posts, the pitches for coverage or product mentions came rolling in. There's good reason for that — a mention on a few popular blogs provides plenty of benefits...

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Findability Makeover 2009 Results

Happy New Year! Time really does fly when you are having fun and helping businesses find the optimal Findability for their websites. This is my seventh Website Magazine article and I have enjoyed every minute of work that has gone...

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Differentiating Seals of Approval

Online commerce is thriving, even in the face of an economy that is still struggling to get back to full speed. In fact, recent comScore figures show increases in holiday season spending over last year, after early data started to...

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Making Online Marketing Applications Work For You

A survey we recently conducted with nearly 600 online businesses shows that Web-based organizations continue to work hard at improving the customer experience through the use of multiple on-site technologies. However, the majority...

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10 Simple Steps to Creating Effective Web Video

Does the prospect of creating Web video fill you with fear? If you've never done it before it can certainly seem overwhelming. But you can relax, because I’m going to walk you through the process. Why should you be using...

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Building and Maintaining an Online Brand

For many business professionals, brand marketing is a skill that is difficult to learn, much less master — sort of like the process of creating a brand itself. In the minds of many, a brand is simply a name or symbol that is...

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The 4C’sof Web Failure: Part Two

In the first installment of this two-part series, we reviewed the 4 C’s of Web failure: Culture, Customers, Cost and Complexity (Website Magazine, November, 2009). Failure to understand the culture and customers a website’s...

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Deadly Project Planning Mistakes

It's time to address one of the most common killers of projects, profitability and careers. It’s called the “Shoot, Ready, Aim” approach to Internet project management, and it usually starts like this: “We...

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A More Personalized Video Experience

We often hear the phrase “maximize video content” when it comes to online publishers and video. While this term provides an overall vision for making the most of online video assets, we don’t hear much about how publishers...

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Web Hosts Add Value by Integrating with the Domain Market

While primary registrations of popular .com and .net names continue to increase year after year, purchases of pre-registered domains is growing twice as fast. The potential revenue streams within the domain market can no longer be...

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