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Rethinking Reputation Management

The impact of social media on today’s Web is unmatched; dare I say, even by search. When it comes to “going social” with our websites and business there are as many benefits as there are drawbacks, however. Along...

Top 50 Ad Networks To Explore

When the economy stumbled, so did the online advertising market. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) released U.S. Internet advertising statistics in October, 2009 for the first half of that year...

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The New Content Experience - August 2010

:: With more content on the Internet being delivered to consumers faster and in more ways than ever, Web marketers may have to reconfigure certain aspects of their business plans to create an entirely new user experience. :: Welcome...

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Step-by-Step Search: Site Structure

In Part I of this Step-By-Step Search series, we took keyword research to the next level with Derek Vaughan and learned how to conduct comprehensive keyword research — a vital component to any search engine marketing campaign...

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Conversion Cache: Blenders & Brilliance

I often hear heated arguments over the merits of various testing approaches and consulting practices. Many conversion consultants brush aside multivariate testing as akin to simply mixing up the features of a landing page in a blender...

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Findability Makeover: I'm on Twitter... Now What?

More and more of my clients have jumped on the social media bandwagon but have no idea what they should be expecting from their efforts. Patricia Fripp, a well-known speaker and executive speech coach is asking herself this very question...

The New Content Experience

Driving awareness, providing entertainment and generating profit Content: It’s what we consume — sometimes intentionally, other times subliminally. But we are inundated with it every minute in today’s information...

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Link Buyer Beware

If You Know What to Look for, Buying Links Can Become an Effective Part of Your Overall SEO Strategy Attend any SEO industry conference and you will hear two things: 1) Link building, while extremely tedious work, is essential to moving...

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In Link Building, There’s No Substitute for Hard Work

Buying links can be an effective supplemental strategy in a link-building campaign if it is done cautiously and sparingly. In fact, no method of building links should dominate the overall effort, as the best way to appease the search...

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Business Marketing with FourSquare

Foursquare, the popular social networking and activity application, recently announced that more than 700,000 “check-ins” are taking place every day. That’s a lot of activity and it’s all centered on businesses...

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Shift Happens: SEO Alone is not Enough

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), one truth is everlasting: The landscape is continually changing. And often, when it changes, the resulting shift in rankings can be seismic. Google’s announcement of Caffeine...

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Easy SEO for WordPress

Once you make the commitment to blog on a regular basis, take the next step to ensure all of your hard work is rewarded: Focus on the search engine optimization (SEO) aspects of your blog. Whether your intent is to communicate information...

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Improving Adwords ROI

As the CEO of an online marketing agency, I attend quite a few marketing conferences each year. There I meet a surprising number of people who have tried AdWords and given up, or are only dipping their little toes in the water. And...

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Writing Enticing Product Descriptions

If you want a challenge, try writing e-commerce product descriptions. Within a typical 60 to 70 words, you must concisely convey the benefits and selling points of your product while including search engine keyphrases that engage your...

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Google Rich Snippets

Representing Content the “New” Right Way Artificial intelligence may evolve to a point where computers understand meaning. But for now, structuring data with semantic markup makes the Web a better, smarter place. While...

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