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February 2011 - Online Advertising Exchanges

:: The new digital ad marketplace provides the best opportunities to improve the efficiency of every advertiser’s campaigns, which can be at once a thrilling and terrifying prospect for advertisers and publishers alike. :: Welcome...

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FTC Says, “No Cookie For You!”

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has heard the outcry from consumers — “Do not track me!” And, the FTC is taking action. A Do Not Track (DNT) proposal is on the table, which would give every consumer the option...

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Tips for Successfully Managing a Website Redesign

There are few moments in business more exciting than initiating a site redesign. We see all the aesthetics we could mold, the functionality we could have and the revenue we could generate. It’s a moment when the prosperity we...

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HTML5 and CSS3 – Game Changers

The Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG, has declared HTML5 to be in a “last call” phase; the fully operational code, however, won’t be ready until at least 2020. Nearly a decade...

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Inside the Control Panel

While it may not be the most exciting aspect of owning and operating a Web presence, control panels are one of the most important elements in your Web success. When you can manage a website efficiently, it is easier to control costs...

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LinkedIn Secrets to Success

Plenty has been written about Facebook and Twitter, and how those sites can help you make more money online. Yet, LinkedIn — a very powerful tool to target business professionals — remains under the radar. If you are looking...

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Ten Golden Principles for a Successful Web App

For the past few years we have seen a growing movement of applications — from traditional desktop applications (like Microsoft Word and Excel) to full-blown applications that “live” on the Web (like Google Docs)....

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Integrating Testing and Analytics for Maximum Impact

A very natural relationship exists between testing platforms and analytics applications. One is designed to drive improvements on your site and the other to help measure user behavior so that any changes or improvements can be quantified...

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Inside the Affiliate Mind

According to the Chief Marketing Officer Council’s 2010 State of Marketing Report, nearly 50 percent of U.S. companies will be enhancing or overhauling their digital marketing and advertising infrastructures this year. Fifty...

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The Microsoft/Yahoo Merger – What Advertisers Need to Know

At the same time as their merger with Yahoo was being finalized, the folks at Microsoft rolled out several new updates to their targeting and reporting options, and online and desktop interfaces. Many of the changes were substantial...

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Advertising Exchanges – The New Digital Ad Marketplace

Advertisers have come to understand that online advertising is an ever-changing industry. In fact, the only constant is change itself — whether it’s new ad models, changing regulations or new targeting capabilities. As...

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Dealing with Findability Disaster

As Business owners, it is rare to completely satisfy every client, every time. However, these days if one customer gets upset they have myriad Internet sites to express their discontent. One of the worst cases I have seen was a disgruntled...

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The Press Release Optimization Triangle

By Christine O'Kelly Press releases tend to rank quickly in organic search and news results — often within minutes of publication. That is, if they are optimized and distributed following established SEO and editorial guidelines...

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A Crash Course on A-B Split Testing

The most basic technique available for testing and validating landing pages is called A-B split testing. The name comes from the fact that two versions of your landing page (“A” and “B”) are being tested. Split...

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2011 Search Engine Optimization Checkup

In the January, 2011 edition of Website Magazine , SEO Corner addressed the factors that influenced successful search engine optimization in 2010. But before proceeding toward SEO domination in 2011, it is essential to review the current...


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