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Get Started with Frameworks

If you find yourself spending hours coding, recoding and coding again, know that there are some benefits to using frameworks. A Web application framework is designed to support the development of dynamic websites, Web applications...

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August 2011 - E-Commerce Beyond the Cart

:: A shopping cart is all but useless without consumers to fill it. For this reason, acquisition and retention are top-of-mind with Internet retailers.. :: Welcome to Website Magazine - the leading magazine on Web business! Below you...

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Getting to Know Structured Data Markup

HTML5, Microdata and the Rel=Attribute Familiarizing one’s self with the modern markup languages, semantic structures and schemas available today can yield a more engaging, easier to manage Web property. Let’s get to know...

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Top 50 Movers and Shakers in Mobile Services

The mobile Web and mobile applications are here to stay. For many, mobile may present the biggest and best opportunity yet to establish brand loyalty, deepen engagement and convert more users. Others, however, continue to struggle...

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Title Tags of Top Sites - Mastering Search

When it comes to on-site search engine optimization, few elements are more important than the title tag. For those unfamiliar with the term “title tag,” it describes the text that appears in the top line of a user’s...

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Mobile as an E-Commerce Supplement

The buzz around mobile applications, mobile design and mobile advertising can distract Internet retailers from their core mission, which is to sell products. Today’s most successful e-commerce merchants, however, understand how...

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E-Commerce Beyond the Cart

Consumer Acquisition and Customer Retention Much is made of e-commerce shopping cart optimization, and for good reason. The better the cart, the more products a business can sell. But the cart is all but useless without consumers to...

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Message Marketing with Mind Maps

Interests, Behaviors and Beliefs To work efficiently and effectively as a marketer (whether independently or as part of a larger group) you need the right tools and the right approach. As most readers are likely aware, platforms and...

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Data-Driven Blogging and the Advantage of Editorial Calendars

Maintaining a corporate blog has many business benefits; both for search engine optimization (SEO) and from a lead generation perspective: • Publishing regular new content signals “freshness” and keeps search engines...

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Holiday Email Prep Right Now

Cancel your vacation plans, email marketers. This summer is not the time to relax. The back-to-school season that follows — and the intense holiday shopping season after that — makes summer the ideal time to test and optimize...

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Hurdles for Alternative Health Affiliates

Confronting Regulatory Challenges with Alternative Health Publishers In April, the FTC filed suit against fake news sites promoting Acai berries as weight-loss products, and attempted to freeze the assets of companies involved, pending...

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Bringing the Brick-And-Mortar Vibe to Buying Online

More and more, consumers are leaving brick-and-mortar stores to buy online. In fact, countless reports from big brands state that online sales growth continues to outpace any in-store counterparts. In addition, a recent survey by Deloitte...

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Translating International Social Media

Many leading brands that are eager to get closer to customers have come to embrace Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other similar platforms as their primary vehicles for customer engagement and lead generation. In many cases, domestic...

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Growing Fast Doesn't Have to Be Dangerous

You and I thought Facebook had a fast start, until Groupon took off. So we have a new definition of fast. In the Internet business, we also have our own definition of dangerous. It’s not like living on the edge of raging wildfires...

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