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Web Apps vs. Native Apps

Which is Best for Your Business? Is the rise of mobile apps a death knell for the World Wide Web? Not quite. While content is being moved from the Web, where it’s openly shared, to closed environments that share data over the...

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Top 50 Web Brands for 'Net Professionals

There are nearly There are nearly 200,000,000 active websites on the ’Net. Billions of dollars are spent annually on the development and promotion of these now essential business assets, but only a few will ever become household...

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Three Tiers of Local Web Marketing

Connecting Local Businesses with Local Customers Internet marketing is critical for local businesses looking to connect with prospects. While many have been slow to adopt Web marketing initiatives on the whole, change is coming. According...

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Your Designer Makes What?!

What You Need to Know Before Making Your Next Design Hire Once your business has decided that it’s time to get in the game and create a website (and, in 2011, that shouldn’t be a hard decision), it’s time to face...

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The State of Product Feed Management

The savviest Web merchants, those looking to expose more consumers to more of their products more often, rely heavily on a broad distribution of their product feeds. So what is a data feed? Think of it as a virtual catalog of products...

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Ideal Web Technology

The idea that the human body is a model of perfection has existed for millennia, originating in ancient Rome as an architectural concept and continuing to live on through numerous forms of art, mathematics, philosophy and religion...

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Excessive HTTP Requests: Saturated Fat for the Mobile Web

Like Butter, Baby! Butter makes it better. Anyone who has enjoyed a nice French meal knows what we mean. Nevertheless, if you have a weak ticker and your arteries cannot handle it, fat can be a killer. HTTP requests are the butter...

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Build-Your-Own Daily Deal Solutions

By now, we all know that daily deal fever is sweeping the globe faster than an alien virus in a bad Shyamalan movie. According to research firm BIA/Kelsey, the deal-a-day market is expected to grow from $873 million last year to $1...

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Social Media Ruined Everything

Bringing Accountability to Social Media Participation Social media took Internet marketers by surprise. The channel presents immense opportunities and significant challenges — something that remains difficult to master for many...

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3 Ways to Boost Search Marketing Results

The great news is that the e-commerce sector continues to grow. In fact, findings from Forrester Research point to an anticipated compound growth rate in e-commerce of 10 percent from 2010 to 2015, when it is expected to reach $278...

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Video Strategy: 5 Steps for Success

Online retailers are moving quickly to include video on their websites. eMarketer reported that in 2010, 33 percent of retailers planned to add video to their websites within a year. That makes it a higher priority than any other site...

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