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Build a jQuery Site in a Day

Write less, do more. That is jQuery’s tag line, and it couldn’t be closer to the truth. Using the jQuery Javascript Library, creating a functional website with all the expected layout, navigation and features is simple...

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An Introduction to Structured Data for Merchants

In June 2011, Google, Yahoo! and Bing came together to create, a website showcasing a unified effort that aims to ensure the consistency of structured data use across the Web. Merchants can especially benefit from the use...

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Search with the (Yahoo!) BOSS

As a Web activity, search remains of high interest among online consumers. And, as someone responsible for a website’s success, you must understand that the better the search facility provided, the better opportunity you have...

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Prevent Affiliate Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud exists in all forms of ecommerce. And the business model fueling affiliate marketing — paying commissions to those who refer sales — makes it particularly attractive for scammers to abuse the system. While...

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App Watch - Mobile Minute (Feb 2012)

Catch Notes: Android - iOS Don’t lose your ideas; instead catch them with Catch Notes, a free app available for both iOS and Android phones. The app allows users to capture ideas and experiences through photos, notes, voice memos...

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How to Gamify Your Website

Fun for users, Gamification is being taken seriously by today’s Web brands Gamification is a way of adding game mechanics such as points, levels, leaderboards and badges to your website. If applied correctly, these mechanics...

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Navigation Tips Users Will Love

Among the many causes of website abandonment, poor navigation is a key contributor. Without a clear path to products and content, and logical choices for narrowing searches, visitors usually decide that it’s not worth their time...

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The Three M's of Social Commerce

When Mark Zuckerburg coined the term “social graph” to refer to the network of relationships among Facebook users, the contest began for companies to capitalize on how we influence each other’s buying decisions. Emerging...

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Building the Ultimate Affiliate

Performance-based marketing remains wildly popular with savvy Web marketers — and merchants are increasingly taking note. Research released in December 2011 by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB-UK) states that affiliate...

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Landing Page Design Trends for 2012

Turn Down the Volume and Hear the Cash Register Sing! Business website designs have become increasingly “quieter” over the past couple of years. Internet professionals have come to realize that when executed properly, a...

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Inside the Virtual Fitting Room - Ecommerce Express

Ever take ten garments into a fitting room, just to come out with only one that fits? This common occurrence proves that most clothing-related purchasing decisions are made inside fitting rooms — which poses a big problem for...

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Mastering Search - Inside the Black Box

GOOGLE ALGORITHM CHANGES TO KNOW Search engine, digital advertising, and now emerging social media powerhouse Google has always played its cards close to the chest in relation to the factors that influence search result positioning...

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50 Top Software Solutions to Explore in 2012

There is not a moment in your work as a Web professional that you do not in some capacity interact with software. Just imagine how different your work life, as someone responsible for your company’s digital success, would be...

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Big Business Video - Enterprise Ready

Try these solutions when your company outgrows YouTube According to the 2011 Enterprise Web Communications Survey conducted by Interactive Media Strategies, one-third of all corporations polled said they produce at least one video...

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Blogging on a Benjamin

Start blogging for your small business for less than $100 Whether you own a brick-and-mortar store or a Web-based company, blogs help small businesses reach out and engage a targeted audience. This fact is not lost on many, but for...

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