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The Right Social Sharing Widget for Your Website

It’s rare to visit any website today and not be met with an array of social sharing widgets. These features enable site visitors to comment, tweet, like, bookmark and share interesting content from publishers’ websites...

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5 Fundamentals of Mobile Website Design

MAKE IT WORK It's hard to ignore mobile's influence on digital commerce and Web business today, but it is still very much an emerging channel. And designing for enriched user experiences on smartphones (and even tablets) still...

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Monitoring the Competitive Ad Landscape

Establishing an Advertising Baseline It can be arduous, not to mention intimidating, to begin a new online advertising campaign. There are so many different channels to plan for (e.g. display, search, social media, direct, etc.), as...

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Measuring the Right Metrics for Web Performance Monitoring

Compelling content, reliability and performance lend themselves to an excellent overall user experience and the kind of metrics Web workers like, such as increased time-on-site, higher click-through rates and more. If a site is slow...

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Captivating Readers While Attracting Web Crawlers

Today’s digital writer has two audiences: readers and Web crawlers. Unfortunately, the two have distinct tastes. The latter, for example, prefers keyword repetition, which works to achieve higher search engine rankings (thus...

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Cyber Week Emails to Remember

Cyber Week has come and gone, but the failures and triumphs of the greatest e-commerce week in history (according to a staggering number of reports on paid search spend, site traffic, mobile traffic, total revenue and more) shouldn’t...

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The “Superfan” Experiment

Social media is not a popularity contest so companies shouldn't gauge success on fan and follower numbers — at least not exclusively. In fact, a recent Napkin Labs study reveals that only a small portion of a brand’s...

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A Guide to Good Translations

As the Internet becomes fully engrained in all aspects of people’s lives, the race to meet the demands of, and connect with, users is at an all-time high. And as Web workers, we see progress happening all around us. In one area...

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Budgeting for Success (Commentary)

Budgeting for the New Year can be exciting — especially in the digital realm. But regardless of what type of business you are responsible for, you likely faced a great amount of stress completing this task. Let’s remember...

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50 Top Solutions for the E-Commerce Customer Experience

Today, advertisers and marketers have the power to capture every interaction a customer has with a brand across all channels and even in real-time. The ability to optimize these interactions to improve “customer experience,”...

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GOOD RELATIONS: Microdata for Online Retailers

With no shortage of retailers on the Web today, merchants are finding it difficult to market their products in the natural listings of search engines, such as Bing and Google. And in the hopes of getting their products to stand out...

Merchandising & Analytics: Moving from Page-Based to Product-Based Analytics

Today’s digital world is one where virtual aisles can quite literally be re-configured for every single shopper, where offers can be constantly re-shuffled and where online reviews and ratings can dominate product marketing materials...

Web Design Trends of 2013

Getting in shape, quitting smoking and managing debt are among the most popular New Year resolutions, but this year, digital workers are committing to achieving a goal that will directly impact the success of their digital enterprises...


100+ TIPS, TACTICS AND TOOLS FOR OPTIMIZING WEBSITES As members of the digital community, we are driven (some would say compelled) to achieve ever better results from nearly everything affecting our Web properties. We begin every day...

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