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Keyword Meta Tags and Google

How much does Google use the keyword meta tag? Not at all according to a post today on the Webmaster Central Blog . Does that comes as a surprise to you? For many it won't but it's always nice to have some verification and...

Jigsaw for Application Developers

Data as a Service (DaaS) solution Jigsaw released a suite of APIs and a toolkit that will allow developers to delivery company profiles and contact data from inside web, desktop or mobile applications. Jigsaw also launched a new developer...

Unified Media Reach Data

Recent Adobe acquisition and online business optimization software provider Omniture and digital measurement provider comScore announced a partnership to deliver a "unified digital audience measurement system" - sounds fancy...

Personalization, Segmentation and ROI

It's not difficult to make a case for testing segmentation and personalization. You'd have to have be pretty thick-headed not to see the benefits. Most merchants however don't engage in the opportunity that is present....

Amazon Tax: Developments and Implications

One of the biggest hot-button issues of online retail goes by many different names but it's most commonly called the “Amazon Tax” because of’s involvement in fighting it in New York and beyond. There...


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