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SEO vs. PPC: The Engine Ready Study

It's the one discussion that every Website promoter wants to know - which traffic source is more valuable when it comes to conversion. Search marketing service and software provider Engine Ready released an update to its ongoing...

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Google SiteLinks Variation

File this under interesting but not yet widely available. The Google Operating System blog picked up from milivella at Google Blogoscoped that Google has started to show some modified sitelinks for Wikipedia articles. Sitelinks, which...

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Domain Names and the Fragility of Brands Online

Domain name management and brand protection company CSC ( Corporation Service Company ) released the findings of a recent study on trends of disputed domain names. More than $220 million was spend on reclaiming domain names from third...

Google Introduces SSL Certification Error Messages

Some webmasters are receiving warnings from Google Webmaster Tools about SSL certification issues. Google is apparently (with some difficulty) notifying users when the host name of their site does not match any of the "Subject...

Online Negotiation for Offline Enterprises

One of the pervasive themes on the Web is how traditionally offline enterprises can leverage technology and the Web to their benefit. Clearly many opportunities exist, and while there are some inherent problems in making the shift...

Everybody Panic! Google and Yahoo Update Indices

The forums are flush this morning with news that both Yahoo! and Google are updating their indices. While few details are available there’s no real reason to panic as, at least on Google, it looks like a return to pre-summer...


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