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3 Ways to Kick-Start Conversions

Companies looking for increased conversions in 2013 should focus on mobile, particularly in relation to optimized landing pages, email marketing, and the mastery of short- and long-form content....

With Smart Marketing, Nothing is Boring

:: By Amie Marse, Content Equals Money :: For certain businesses, developing a dynamic marketing campaign is extra challenging due to products that are quite boring to the average consumer. However, these products don’t have...

4 Creative Ways to Use Tumblr for Business

By Amie Marse, Content Equals Money Tumblr is becoming an increasingly important space for getting your brand noticed. Although you may have built a social media presence on influential sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, Tumblr...

Is Your Blog an Information Powerhouse?

By Amie Marse, Content Equals Money If there’s one thing your customers want to see in your blog, I can almost guarantee you it’s this: valuable information. We’re not talking about Wikipedia-style information. We’re...

4 Deadly Content Marketing Sins

By Amie Marse, Content Equals Money Content marketing: a popular catchphrase that gets tossed around as if it holds the answer to all of your problems. Well, since you're still reading articles about content marketing (and since...

Content Marketing Without a Blog

It’s no secret that content marketing has a phenomenal ROI (the statistics only seem to get better with each passing year). In fact, Kapost and Eloqua recently produced an eBook on the ROI of content marketing in which they stated...


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