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Content Marketers, SEOs Get Big Data

Some data – like competitive analysis and research market opportunities - is better off in the hands of big companies. At least it may seem that way. Enter the Data Cube. BrightEdge , a content marketing platform, customers ...

SEO Evolving into Digital Revenue Optimization

A new feature from content marketing platform BrightEdge aims to remove the anxiety caused by recent Google changes that encrypt keyword-level data. The new Page Reporting feature allows marketers to transition from keyword-dependent...

Content Marketing Gets BrighterEdge

Brands are increasingly leveraging content marketing for a variety of reasons, but one goal is to engage with customers in more relevant ways. Many companies, however, are failing to measure the impact of that content in terms of how...

5 Enterprise SEO Platforms to Consider

SEO is tricky for everyone, but it's especially tricky for large enterprise organizations with a bunch of moving parts that can be hard for any one person (or even one department, at times) to monitor. That is why many big companies...

Maximize your Exposure with the Share Button

Displaying social media links or buttons on your website dramatically increases your site’s exposure. According to a BrightEdge study, Twitter share buttons give websites seven times the social media mentions compared to websites...

BrightEdge SEO Optimizes for Facebook, Twitter

The SEO platform BrightEdge is now integrating social media signals to give marketers insights for optimizing their social media activities. BrightEdge will analyze the content of tweets and Facebook likes to pinpoint the exact areas...

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BrightEdge Launches Enterprise-class SEO Platform

Search engine optimization (SEO) solutions provider BrightEdge has announced its new platform designed to increase revenue from organic search in a measurable and predictable way. BrightEdge’s new technologies help separate its...


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