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Monetization Models for Affiliates (Intermediate)

WM recently posted an article entitled How to Make Money on Your Website , which was intended to give those new to affiliate marketing a useful overview of the different payout structures available to them through merchants and networks...

How to Make Money on Your Website - Affiliate

If there's one question asked repeatedly by those starting out in the world of Internet business, it is how to make money on their website. If you're not selling product (whether ebooks or any other tangible goods), then the...

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WM Radio: Discussing PPC, and CPM vs. CPA

Pay-per-click marketing is the focus of this episode of Website Magazine Radio, as we talk with specialist Sergio Alvarez, COO of AI Media Group. We talk about the past, present and future of PPC and strategies to help your business...

Cost Per Twitter Lead?

It is increasingly clear to many that marketing is becoming solely about engagement. Pontiflex has a way for advertisers to build and grow lists of Twitter users using Cost-per-Lead (CPL) advertising. In addition to basic user information...


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