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Dashboards & Workflows: Open Source Business Software xTuple One to Watch

The CRM and ERP industry is dominated by a handful of very powerful offerings, but they are far from the only option when one of these software solutions is needed. Business software leader xTuple , for example, has released new version...

Revenue & Reputation Opps for Manufacturers Selling Direct

It’s inevitable for companies that are traditionally business-to-business to need a consumer-facing side, especially for those with products. Shoppers want direct access to every company, whether they have only sold directly...

POV: Macromanage Your Retail Biz with ERP

Employees don’t grow when they are micromanaged and neither do businesses. Website Magazine recently enlisted the help of enterprise resource planning (ERP) customers to share their positive experiences with their current provider...

ERP Extensions for Magento In Focus

ERP (enterprise resource planning) can seem somewhat mysterious, but few software solutions exist that are as effective at streamlining operations and reducing costs. For that reason, digital brands are opening up to the possibilities...

Open Source and the ERP Market

Open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) company Openbravo indicated that its software has been downloaded over two million times - making it one of the most (if not the most) ERP solutions on the market today. The milestone...

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