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Using Social Media to Boost Event Registration

:: By Disha Dinesh, Godot Media :: Events are an essential part of running a successful business. They serve as an excellent means of creating a buzz around products and services, interacting with new clients and old, and positioning...

Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Content Marketers

:: By Apurva Jog, Godot Media :: Content marketers probably wish for an extra pair of hands to help get their work done during the day. From creating content to curating content and then promoting it – a content marketer's...

Free Content Discovery Tools and Apps to Boost Your Social Media Presence

: Jessica Davis, Godot Media :: Is your social media presence lagging? Are you finding it difficult to find and curate content to make your social media presence robust and active? With the increasing popularity and effectiveness of...

Use These Content Discovery Tools to Boost Content Marketing Results

:: By Jessica Davis, Godot Media :: Content discovery tools are the best thing since sliced bread - for the content marketer at least. With so much being said and written about content marketing, its significance needn’t be explained;...

6 Awesome Google Tools for Small Businesses

:: Jessica Davis, Godot Media :: For most individuals, Google is the most trustworthy search engine out there and most of us turn to Google for any requirement that we may have online. However, most people forget that the largest search...

6 Reasons Facebook Ad Campaigns Fail

:: By Jessica Davis, Godot Media :: With more than 1 billion active users, Facebook is the best place to attract new customers and leads. Moreover, to increase its earnings and profits, Facebook has provided advertisers with the perfect...

How Windows 8 will Impact Your Marketing Strategy

Windows 8 debuted in October last year. Following its launch and imminent adoption, marketers have started exploring ways to tweak their marketing strategies to leverage the new changes. Before we get into the implication of Windows...


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