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QUICK HIT: No More IE Workarounds in jQuery 3

There will no longer be support for older Internet Explorer workaround in the latest version of jQuery (v3.0). SUBSCRIBE to Website Magazine & Accelerate 'Net Success Those designers/developers who still need to work with IE6...

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QUICK HIT: Chrome Still Growing

The market share for Google's Chrome Browser just keeps growing. March 2016 data from StatCounter shows a one percent month-over-month gain for the popular browser, with 56.4 percent. Firefox usage dropped ever so slightly to 14...

Browsers: Chrome Rules, IE Steady, Firefox Falls

According to recently released data from traffic measurement service provider StatCounter, the Chrome browser now accounts for more than one-third of the browser market worldwide. Statcounter is reporting Chrome's global market...

Why Did Web Builder Wix Drop IE8 Support?

In what I consider a rather bold move, HTML5 Web publishing platform Wix announced that it will no longer support Internet Explorer 8, citing a general lack of support for its emerging HTML5 product. While IE commands approximately...

Chrome Gains Ground in Browser Wars

Google Chrome surpassed 20% of the global internet browser market during the month of June 2011 according to Internet statistics firm StatCounter. Chrome took 20.7% of the global market, up from 2.8% in June 2009. Microsoft's Internet...

The Browser Wars Get Bloody

The reason that it is important to pay attention to browser usage amoung Internet users is that it ultimately influences how Web professionals design and develop their Web properties. For the first time that I can remember, one of...

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25 Must-Have IE Add-ons for Web Professionals

One of the most popular weblog posts from last week was 23 Chrome Extensions for Web professionals . The reason we created that article (besides the fact that we're slightly obsessed with all things Google these days) is that we...

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The Most Popular Browser... in the World?

NetMarketShare, which monitors market share and usage of major Web browsers, has released their January 2010 report . They report reveals that IE (holds a solid 62.12% of all browser usage) followed by Firefox (24.13%), Chrome (5.22...

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Browser Wars Fallout: Will Your Website Survive?

by Imad Mouline, Gomez Web Performance Monitoring Your new website is ready to launch. It looks great and has several new media-rich features designed to engage your audience. But before you deploy, can you be certain the site will...

Browser Usage Market Share - Firefox 3

Net Applications Global Internet Usage Market Share study (say that ten times fast) tracked the release of the Firefox 3 release by the hour and monitored the well-promoted (yet poorly executed in my opinion due to downtime) Mozilla...

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Easy Testing with IE View Lite

It's a mantra repeated often by any good website owner - testing, testing, testing. Your site is only as good as it performs for the user. If your website performs poorly, visitors leave and often never come back. Testing can be...

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