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Testing Pays off for Netflix, Trunk Club

Imagine working on the same Web page for 12 years – for most design and/or testing professionals, that concept isn’t much of a stretch. Optimizely CMO Jessie Becker essentially did just that in her dozen years at Netflix...

3 Elements of the Millennial Male Shopping Experience

Millennials often get a bad rap. Either we’re too young, too inexperienced or we lack the strong conviction that our elders have. Any way you look at it, there a multiple reasons people can list for not liking our generation...

Internet Retailers Show Slow Growth in Online Security

Three out of four online retailers and top-100 U.S. banks are failing to adopt online security and privacy best practices, but there are improvements year over year – perhaps not enough to make us feel comfortable, though. The...

6 Super Calls-to-Action (Plus Tips)

Whether it’s completing a project or taking an action, people will take as long as you give them to do it. This is why in business, deadlines (enforceable ones) work and why, on the Web, calls-to-action (good ones) are integral...

Janitor Monkey Will Clean Up Your Old AWS Instances

If you’re like me, you probably sat down with your family over the holiday break to relax and watch something on Netflix, only to find that its service was uncharacteristically down. Well, it seems that the company has corrected...

Political Campaigns & Digital Marketing: Did They Miss the Mark?

We all know how online marketing and social media can be a goldmine of potential consumers. Brands like Whole Foods Market and Samsung have succeeded on Twitter with as many as 3 million followers each. Coke triumphs over Pepsi on...


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