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7 Innovative Solutions to CAPTCHA User Attention

Security is one of the most important factors that a webmaster or developer has to take into consideration when designing a website – especially one that handles sensitive user data and/or requires users to register before they...

Can Nu Campaign Fix Captcha?

NuCaptcha Inc. , the "Human-Friendly" Captcha, is urging users to "Make the Switch" with their new campaign. While the implementation of Captchas has certainly been a good thing for website users and owners looking...

Captcha Advertising Covers All the Bases

An innovative young company out of Vancouver, B.C., has developed a product aimed squarely at two of the most important issues for any Web professional: security and advertising. We wrote about NuCaptcha a few months ago when it introduced...

NuCaptcha Introduces Video to Website Security

Every Internet user encounters them regularly: those nonsensical strings of characters that we’re asked to decipher before we can move on to the next page of a website. What some of you also know is that they are called captchas...


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