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Analyze Visual Networks with Piqora

Piqora , the company formally known as Pinfluencer, has added to its marketing suite by including trending image, hashtag and influential audience analysis for both Instagram and Tumblr. With this announcement, brands can now leverage...

Pinterest-ing Insights, Advice for Merchants

If you had to guess, what social network do you think has the potential to drive long-tail traffic well into 30 days and beyond? Did you guess Pinterest ? Then you must know that this platform is navigated in a variety of ways, providing...

Pinfluencer Gets a New Name and Social E-Commerce Product

Pinfluencer literally made a name for itself by providing marketing and return-on-investment (ROI) analytics to brand’s using the Pinterest social network. However, as the company begins to move away from only using information from...

Pinfluencer Launches Image Recognition Engine

Merchants that actively maintain a Pinterest profile have the potential to gain a lot of traffic from the visually driven social network. However, just like any other social network, merchants must monitor the analytics of the content...

Pinterest Promotion's Puzzle Solved

Finding participants and ensuring eligibility and legality are among some of the time-consuming issues businesses face when running a sweepstakes or contest on Pinterest . The popularity of the giveaways, however, keeps increasing...


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