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Inside the RTB Ecosystem with Pixalate's Global Seller Trust Index

Programmatic advertising is one of those tactics that is shaping the 'Net as Web professionals know it, making it important for brands to know who the key players are and how they compare. In the age of real-time bidding, that's...

RTB in Online Advertising: Evolution & Perspectives

:: By Anton Ruin, Epom :: As opposed to a more conventional approach, the concept of real-time bidding (RTB), which presupposes advertisers’ bidding for certain audiences in a real-time auction, has opened a new era in online...

Major Advances in Digital Video Measurement

Programmatic video ad platform BrightRoll has partnered with Nielsen to help advertisers increase the efficacy of their campaigns. Now integrated with the BrightRoll console, Nielsen's Online Campaign Ratings™ will provide...

Real-Time Bidding Boosts Ad Revenue for Publishers

The increased use of real-time bidding (RTB) and private marketplaces for selling online ads has resulted in a noticeable boost in revenue for publishers, including a lift in CPMs, according to the digital media platform PubMatic ...

Publisher? You’re Ready for RTB say PubMatic

PubMatic, a “sell-side” platform for publishers interested in monetizing through direct ad sales, released the results of a study showing that “real-time bidding” (RTB) campaigns sold directly by publishers...

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