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Enjoy the Web Hosting Show

Web hosting is fundamental to the success of every business today. The lingering issue for many enterprises, however, is that hosting quickly becomes an afterthought — if ever a serious thought is given. Highly technical, Web...

All About iPage Hosting - Interview with Justin Reynolds

More important than cost and far more important than features, the relationship you have with your web hosting provider is key to your success. Website Magazine asked's Justin Reynolds, the hosting provider's Brand...

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Making the Move to a Dedicated Server

Although it can be a bummer, there does come a time when all of us have to grow up, fly the nest and make it on our own terms. In the Web world, that usually means making the big move from a shared hosting package to a dedicated hosting...

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What Ever Happened to Green Hosting?

No one ever said saving the planet was easy – or cheap – but many Web workers are firmly dedicated to enacting “green,” eco-friendly initiatives; and no ‘Net industry is as committed to this movement as...

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No Time for Downtime in Web Hosting

Technology is imperfect. Of course, I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already know, as surely everyone who works on the Web has, at one time or another, had to deal with some sort of technological blunder. Undoubtedly...

Deploy a Private Cloud

The problem with using the term “cloud” is that it has very different definitions. For many, the cloud is the use of a commercial service such as Amazon’s EC2 or a CRM product like SalesForce. There is another meaning...

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The Top Cloud Hosting Providers

The cloud has taken the Internet by storm. Explore the leading vendors, examining their features and finding their faults in WM’s list of top cloud hosting providers. It’s been written countless times that the cloud is...

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Relationships with Web Hosting Providers

More important than cost, and far more important than features, the actual relationship you have with your web hosting provider on a professional level is a real key to your success. The problem for the majority of website owners and...

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Web Hosting Cost Matrix

It’s no secret that Web hosting is a very nuanced and involved industry. For those with a limited background in the actual workings of the Web, it can be downright confusing. Thankfully, in the day-to-day operations of most online...

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The Ultimate Web Hosting Glossary

Like many areas of the Web, perhaps even more than others, Web hosting features a slew of technical terms that can appear intimidating, at best, to the casual listener. For most people in the business world, even the online business...


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