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The Data Behind Demand: How The Information Revolution Is Powering Programmatic Advertising

:: By Venkat Krishan, YuMe :: There's a hidden world behind today's website advertisements. Extraordinary feats of analysis and computing power, along with lightning-fast bidding wars for crucial online marketing real estate...

Programmatic Video Ad Inventory in Focus with YuMe,

Video advertising platform Yume has announced a partnership with, a private video exchange for publishers. The integration of Yume's demand side platform (YuMe for Advertisers or YFA) with's supply...

TV Loses the Battle for Multi-Taskers’ Attention

In today’s always-connected world, it is not unusual for consumers to multi-task. For instance, it is a common occurrence for someone to browse their smartphone or tablet while also watching television. This multi-tasking, however...

Calculate the Reach of Video Advertising

Video advertising solution YuMe recently released a "Reach Calculator" which computes reach (unduplicated) across TV, online, smartphone, tablet, and connected TV, serving as a directional tool for marketers as their develop...

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A "Social" Pre-Roll from YuMe

Video advertising provider YuMe released a new product feature which it hopes will work to increase the brand engagement factor of video ads. The new YuMe pre-roll ad (see below) enables brands to select up to three optional links...

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Online Video Producers, Advertisers at Odds

While there is no doubt that online video is a booming industry, just how that video is used as a marketing tool is much less clear -- particularly between video producers and advertisers. Research from DIGIDAY and YuMe (a video ad...

YuMe Manages Excess Video Ad Inventory For Microsoft

Video advertising network YuMe announced that it has been selected to support Microsoft's existing video advertising services. Scheduled to begin this summer, YuMe will provide video advertising network management capabilities...


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