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What's New in Font Awesome 4.6?

Font Awesome released a new version (4.6) of its popular font and CSS toolkit and it has put accessibility front and center. Request Website Magazine's Free Weekly Newsletters With 8.4 percent of the total world population experiencing...

NewEgg - Accessibility in Action

Last week online-only retailer announced that it had made its site fully accessible to users with disabilities and was recognized as accessible by the National Federation of the Blind. Why is this noteworthy? Because Newegg...

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, Part 1

The W3C announced the formalization of its Accessibility standards this week. The project has been ongoing for several years and the aim is to help Web designers and developers create sites that better meet the needs of users with...

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On Web Accessibility: Tom Wlodkowski (AOL)

WM: Why does it matter if websites are accessible? TW: An accessible web site translates to a more usable interface for all users, so that's probably the most compelling argument. There are certain HTML tags like the image alt...

On Web Accessibility: Anne Taylor (National Federation of the Blind)

WM: Describe the human element behind website accessibility? AT: The user experience of the blind on an inaccessible website can easily be compared to sighted individuals in a totally disorganized price club store with thousands of...

On Web Accessibility: Sharron Rush (Knowbility)

WM: Describe the human element behind website accessibility? SR: Think of the ways you use technology every day - and then imagine being locked out of those avenues of finding information and communicating. Accessibility is needed...


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