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Ad Fraud, Blocking & Other Trends Impacting the Industry [A Q&A]

If there was ever an industry to be impacted most by marketing fads, Internet advertising is it. With fads, however, come uncertainties about what to run, where to run it and how to analyze it. Since 2000, Exponential has adapted and...

Ad Blocking on Mobile Higher Than Ever

It appears that smartphone owners are using ad blocking software more than ever before and it is proving to be a problem for advertisers and publishers alike. A new report out from PageFair , for example, indicates that use of ad blocking...

The State of Mobile Ad Blockers

A new report from Tune is shedding light on the current state of ad blockers, revealing that 25 percent of mobile users in the US and UK have installed an app or browser that can block ads. In fact, the Mobile Ad Blocking 2016 report...

IAB Helps Publishers DEAL with Ad Blockers

The IAB is helping publishers fight against ad blockers with the release of its Publisher Ad Blocking Primer , which outlines the tactics publishers are successfully leveraging to persuade people to stop using ad blockers. The IAB...

Stat Watch: The Impact of Ad Blocking

Millions of Web users have ad-blocking software installed and it's causing a major problem for the digital advertising industry. A new report out from Adobe and PageFair reveals that upwards of $21.8 billion in global ad revenues...

Google Experiments with Ad Blocking

Google is testing out a new program called Contributor, which essentially enables users to pay a $1 - $3 fee to avoid viewing ads on certain websites. On the Contributor website Google notes that today’s Internet is mostly funded...

Ad Filtering/Blocking Improved at Google

The Google Adsense team will be making some improvements to the speed of Adsense's competitive ad filter (ad targeting) and make some enhancements to the blocking capabilities of the Ad Review Center in the next few weeks. Google...


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