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Retargeting for Email Marketers with SendRoll

Advertising technology solution AdRoll is bringing retargeting to the email channel. Digital marketers have long relied on email because it's less expensive than alternatives and provides an incredibly detailed amount of measurability...

Going Mad for Programmatic

The digital industry is going mad for programmatic. A new report out from AdRoll reveals that 66 percent of advertisers said they plan to increase their programmatic ad spend this year (2016). And the reason? According to AdRoll's...

AdRoll Equips Shopify Merchants with Retargeting Tools

A new integration between AdRoll and Shopify is making it easier for merchants to retarget customers across devices. Through the integration , e-commerce businesses can implement retargeting strategies from within the Shopify platform...

Which Networks Dominate Ad Retargeting? [Infographic]

The benefits of retargeting are clear – it can boost ad response, be used to acquire customers, increase conversion and more (read 40 stats about remarketing you should know here ). With nearly 90 percent of marketers using the...

3 Real-World Tips for E-Commerce Bloggers

Blogging is a top marketing strategy for retailers on the Web. Not only can a blog with quality content increase brand awareness, but it can also be instrumental in driving traffic to a retailer’s product pages. In fact, a Demand...

3 Ways to Cater to Digital Customers in 2014

As the Web progresses, the expectations of digital consumers keep growing. Not only is it vital for merchants to offer personalized shopping experiences nowadays, but they must also make their products available to consumers in a variety...

AdRoll & The Power In Blog Numbers

Adroll rolled out of private beta this week. The solution aims to level the playing field for bloggers looking to generate advertising revenue. The model is quite unique in that those who join the program set their minimum price (which...


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