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Merchants Can Rest Easy About New Tax Laws

As most everyone knows by now, earlier this month California became the latest of several U.S. states to have passed a law requiring sales taxes to be applied to online purchases. The legislation is commonly referred to as the affiliate...

PMA Sues Illinois Over Affiliate Tax

For the first time, the affiliate nexus tax (Amazon tax) is being challenged by a lawsuit. The Performance Marketing Association (PMA) has filed suit against the State of Illinois claiming the new law unconstitutional. We get the details...

Illinois To Get Hit With "Amazon Tax"?

Illinois Amazon affiliates received an unwelcome email last night. Illinois, it seems, is positioned to pass the so-called "Amazon Tax." And Amazon is holding nothing back in voicing its opinion on the matter. The email begins...

Affiliate Tax Battle Heats Up in Colorado

The affiliate tax (or Amazon tax) just gained some momentum in Colorado, passing through the House. The bill (HB-1193) is now moving to the Senate. The argument against the tax is the same - that taxing out-of-state retailers who use...

Amazon Tax: Developments and Implications

One of the biggest hot-button issues of online retail goes by many different names but it's most commonly called the “Amazon Tax” because of’s involvement in fighting it in New York and beyond. There...

Internet Tax Battle Continues

The Performance Marketing Alliance today announced the filing of a motion seeking leave to submit an amicus brief in support of Amazon's appeal, which argues that the law requiring Amazon and other Internet retailers to collect...


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