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The Changing Face of the Domain Name Aftermarket

: GoDaddy Acquires Afternic : Domain name registrar GoDaddy has acquired domain name aftermarket company Afternic in a move that many in the domain name industry expect to be quite disruptive (in a good way). Afternic's DLS (Domain...

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Afternic Gains Endurance

Premium domain marketplace Afternic has teamed up with the Endurance International Group in a partnership that will bring Afternic a noteworthy collection of fast transfer-enabled domains. Endurance is one of the top ICANN-accredited...

A Better Brand Awaits at NameFind

Creating a company name and "brand" is of supreme importance to the success of any enterprise - not just digital ones. If you're in the process of researching and collaborating, check out the new NameFind service from...

GoDaddy Adds "Request Price" Domain Inventory from Afternic

Domain name marketplace Afternic announced an enhanced partnership with Godaddy that will make available Afternic's "Request Price" domain names to Godaddy customers - presumably within the registrar's auction environment...

Afternic Premium Domains Now Listed on Namecheap

Need a new domain name? Well, maybe now would be a good time to check out Namecheap because Afternic , an aftermarket for premium domain names, has just added Namecheap to its Premium Reseller Network. Namecheap, a leader among domain...

gFlip Enters the Domain Game

Owning a domain name and listing a website online can get pretty expensive, especially when you factor in both listing and success fees, but today sees the rise of a new website marketplace, gFlip , that promises to list your site...

Cash Back Program from Afternic (Domains)

Domain name marketplace Afternic (a NameMedia company) announced a "Cash Back" program for domain name owners who park and sell through their Domain Listing Services (DLS). Domain names parked for a minimum of 14 days become...

The Evolution of Domain Parking

NameMedia launched a content site development option for domain name developers (domainers) through its online publishing platform at Publishers now have access to a more than 20,000 sources of content (e.g. articles...


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