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Prototyping for Amazon Echo and Alexa

Interested in the Internet of Things (IoT) but not sure how to get started from a development perspective? Toronto-based startup Unified Computer Intelligence Corporation (UCIC) has launched the Ubi Portal Voice Prototyping Tool, a...

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The Master List of SEO Tools

The catch-all term “SEO” is a bit misleading. This is because search engine optimization is actually the result of many different practices that are all done with one goal in mind: to improve the organic search result ranking...

Battle for SSL Dominance Heats Up

The December 2010 Alexa-Netcraft SSL Index was released recently and it seems the battle for dominance in the SSL (secure socket layers) market is heating up and getting pretty nasty. According to the report ( compiled monthly by CatapultWorks...

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Improvements to the Alexa Ranking System

Web information company Alexa , an Amazon company, announced that a new ranking system is available. Alexa has ranked websites since 1998 and that time has managed to endear itself to millions of website owners and operators and simultaneously...

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