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Experts Speak: Tips, Tricks & Secrets to the Amazon Associates Program

:: By Jesse Lakes, GeoRiot :: “Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires.” stated Bo Bennett, author of "Year To Success". In fact, an estimated $4 billion dollars is spent...

3D @ Amazon and Affiliate Marketing

Success with affiliate marketing requires that you keep your virtual fingers on the pulse of what's hot. Take note - 3D (three-dimensional) technology is on it's way and Amazon is wasting no time with a release of a site dedicated...

Amazon Associates Now Integrates With Twitter

Several days ago we wrote about the Amazitter app . The iPhone application lets you browse Amazon products and then post them directly to Twitter from your mobile, while including your Amazon affiliate ID. So, if someone from Twitter...

Amazon Retools Associates

Amazon Associates will want to pay very close attention to a recent announcement. Amazon will be renaming the Amazon Associate Web Service to the "Product Advertising API" effective immediately, but that's only the beginning...

Major Amazon Affiliate Program Change (No More Paid Search)

In a move that will surely raise the interest (and perhaps ire) of the affiliate industry, Amazon notified its affiliates early this morning that starting May 1st, 2009, they will no longer be paying referral fees to Associates that...

Amazon Game Downloads - Associate Friendly

If you're an affiliate marketer and into online gaming, you'll be interested to know that Amazon Associates can now promote game downloads. Amazon added digital game downloads last week and took no time in opening up the offer...

Site Stripe for Amazon Associates

Amazon has made some significant improvements to Associates Central affiliate dashboard as well as the service itself including (and most noteworthy) the ability for affiliates to build links directly from the Amazon website. Upgrades...


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