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Riak CS Lets Users Replicate Data Globally

Customers can now replicate Riak Cloud Storage (Riak CS) data across multiple data centers to assure its users that they can avoid disruptions from outages and serve content faster to multiple geographic locations, all while building...

Analytics for the AWS Cloud

Newvem, a service/platform which analyzes Amazon Web Services usage, has released a new tools in its KnowYourCloud Analytics web application that aims to help enterprises make better use of the cloud. The new Reserved Instances Decision...

Storage Wars

Amazon Web Services recently reported adding approximately 143 billion new objects to its Simple Storage Service (S3) in Q1 of 2012. This comes not long after the announcement that in 2011 S3 tripled the number of stored objects over...

Just How Big is Amazon S3? Really Big (and Growing)

The size of the cloud just keeps growing – at least it does for Amazon. The company announced late last week that at the end of the first quarter of 2012, there were 905 billion objects in Amazon S3 and that it routinely handles...

Amazon S3 for WordPress: Cloud Hosting Solution for WP

Several weeks ago I received a frantic text message in the middle of the night from a friend whose website (a WordPress blog) I host on my Web server. Apparently, the site was receiving a surge of traffic. I immediately increased their...

Move to the Front of the Cloud

Amazon has unveiled a new web content delivery service named Amazon CloudFront . The service could prove useful in improving the performance of a website by giving developers and businesses an easy way to distribute content to end...

Amazon Slashes S3 Prices

Just a quick note: Amazon Web Services announced that effective November 1st, 2008, a new tiered pricing model for Amazon S3 will go into effect. The new model features four price tiers, with prices decreasing based on the amount of...


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