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Click Fraud Unchanged (Sort Of)

Anchor Intelligence released its traffic quality report for Q2 2010 and it appears that the attempted click fraud rate is remaining consistent (sort of). The average attempted click fraud rate remain relatively unchanged from 29.2...

New Traffic Quality Report: Advertiser Beware

The average attempted click fraud rate for the first quarter of 2010 rose to 29.2 percent, a 34-percent increase from last year’s first quarter and a slighter increase from the 25.7-percent rate reported for the final quarter...

One in Four Clicks "Bogus" Says Anchor Intelligence Report

So what’s up with click fraud these days? A lot and none of it’s good. Anchor Intelligence released its “Traffic Quality Report: 2009 Year in Review" today. The network saw the average attempted click fraud rate...

Click Fraud; Down, But Not Out

Anchor Intelligence last week released its first report detailing traffic quality across its network of search engines, ad networks, publishers, and advertisers. The verdict? Click fraud is down (albeit only slightly). Based on Anchor’s...

Ad Agencies Fighting Click Fraud

No one is immune from the recession. When advertisers cut back by spending less it impacts everyone - even those perpetuating click fraud. Agencies, whose margins are slim enough as it is, are increasingly aware of the trend and are...

Click Fraud; Minimized by Monitoring - Anchor Intelligence

Despite being a serious threat, click-fraud didn't really diminish the value in and growth of paid search marketing. That's not to say that click fraud does not remain a major issue for advertisers, networks and publishers...

Four Click Fraud Profiles

Anchor Intelligence released a report entitled "Anatomy of a Fraudster" which describes four profiles of click fraud perpetrators. The traffic quality solution provider studied traffic patterns across its clients base and...


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